low iron in ya blood lookin ass...

So today my body decided to be all anemic and whatnot. So therefore, i was not able to give blood. Poop. I was actually looking forward to it. Instead, i just gor pricked in both of my middle fingers, got a free snack, and sported a "I Make A Difference" sticker on my dress all day.

I tried to make a difference at least.

But then my day got better...it always does with him :D

Then esmeralda got hit. I haven't been that upset in a good little minute. I just sat in my car like, "this didnt just happen. this man did NOT just hit my car." But luckily, no damage was done...so i just let it slide. Otherwise, we woulda been boxin in that BP parking lot. Real talk. Baha.

Now im home STARVING. Waiting for SYTYCD to come on :]]]

Matter of fact, it just began. Ta-ta!

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