what i've been looking for has been here the whole time...


i have no idea why though...

im not supposed to feel like this about a boy! im a self-proclaimed pimp! but i think as of saturday my mindset may have changed. im tired of being a man's lady (instead of ladies man) i think. maybe i do want to settle down? i must admit i kinda miss having that one guy that i know is all mine. plus just talking to all these random guys is getting kinda risky (i wont say any names...but he knows who he is. how you gonna start talking to me...THEN tell me you gotta girlfirend. ugh jerk! lol). i dont wanna be a homewrecker :P

hmm. idk. but the things that happened on saturday really just made me think alot about this...&&that boy.

im not sure where things are gonna go from here...but im hoping they go well :]


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