My Year in Photos:

january: me&&leah with our matching jackets :P

 february: me&&jenna;;american studies madness!

march: me, suzy, jenna,&&leah with our gangsta stunnas on, lmao

april: me&&the sis after nerd day

may: me&&leah at dragon park! jear-bear's grad party

 june: me&&maya at vandy;;last day of volunteer program :[

 july: me, jr, &&the sis;;fam vacation to florida!

 august: me&& suzy on like the first week of school :[

september: me&&russy [my HU buddy and bbfl] on the day we matched! aww :]
october: me&&johnny during the mj party in choir

november: me&&coop [my twin] on the last performance day of Beauty&The Beast :[[

december: me&&bb at the rec before the HFA/MLK game <33

My year has been great, overall...but I'm super pumped for 2010 for so many reasons. I feel like this year I made some TERRIBLE decisions when it comes to relationships. I'm finally happy where I am now with BB, &&in 2010 I plan to keep that up! Of Another goal of mine is to maintain these grades in order to secure my spot at Howard :D. But more than anything, my main goal and objective for 2010 is to enjoy these final months I have with my family and friends here at home before I go out on my own to D.C. to start my new life. It's gonna go by fast, I know, so I must cherish every single moment...because God knows I'm gonna miss these people to DEATH.

**sidenote: thanks for all the support, new followers! follow me &&i'll follow you! I love reading new blogs :]**

what are some of your resolutions for 2010?


  1. Great pics!! luv the nerd photo :)

  2. I'm happy we started a year in photos together.:D But that Dragon Park one was rachet;; you didn't have to do that! lol :]

  3. i enjoyed the photos. it looks like you've had a lot of fun this year.

  4. ok i was soo gonna do this! haha.
    love you girl!

  5. thanks ms. king! i love your new page btw!

    &&to leah, jennifer, &&shel- i love yalll! :]
    haha leah i thought it was funny!
    &&trust me jennifer i did!
    great minds think alike shel! haha

  6. Good Looking pictures!

  7. I like your blog, cute the pics! I'm following on my google reader =) Got lots of stuffed planned for my blog this year! Stop by when you get a chance. A Taste Of A Poison Paradise

    Hope to see ya there!


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