&&she know she thick wit it.

"Sandi is a brickhouse"

Shelby's post really got me thinking about this...I love my body.

I was an early bloomer; I had boobs in second grade. I hated it. I felt awkward and out of place and did the best I could to conceal my little knobbies for as long as I could. Then they got out of control. No longer could I hide them. In middle school, the boys always commented on them. I hated that too. I would say that my eight grade year is when I finally learned to accept and embrace my fuller than average bosom. Not to sound cocky or anything, but over the years they have developed rather perfectly I must say. Like they're perfect! Full, perky, proportional to my figure...this probably is more than you'd like to hear me talk about them im sure.

Not to mention that I have a relatively small waist compared to my hips, &&a butt thats not too big, but just right. A super-defined back arch with barelythere butt dimples to go with it.Thick legs.

&&Yea I have tons of scars...stretchmarks for days. But that just proves how real I am.

If I was a guy, I'd want me. Just sayin... ;]


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