pet peeves.

In no particular order...

  • Bad Hygiene;; Come on now. We're in highschool and i really shouldnt be addressing this, but sadly it is still a problem for some people. It's simple guys- TAKE A SHOWER! No shower? That's fine, its called a good old fashion bath...i mean at least a wash up? And yes i CAN still smell your must through that perfume/cologne/body spray that you attempted to use in place of washing your body. One sure fire way to know if someone skipped out on a shower? Look at their hands, feet, and nails. I mean really, no girl wants to be around a stank dude, &&no dude wants to mess with an unclean girl. Take pride in your body, please? Its isnt hard, doesnt take long, everything you need can be bought super cheap...there really are ZERO excuses for this to be a problem in a highschooler. Ugh. Number one pet peeve right here.
  • Waking me up;; I have to deal with this every morning, and im surprised no one has been hit in the face because of it. Let it be known that i HATE being woken up. In the morning, its understandable- i mean i kinda have to get up. But if im in class, and you see me sleeping, DO NOT WAKE ME UP. What the hell?!? Obviously if i have my head down in my arms and am clearly semi knocked out, that means i went to sleep on PURPOSE so why the hell would you wake me up? Yes, im aware that im missing the lesson/notes/whatever, and im doing so at my own risk...so you just leave me the hell alone, mkay? Geeze!! So unless the teacher is trying to get my personal attention, dont bother me. Next person that does this to me is gonna get talked raw to i swear.
  • Having no clothes on in the winter;; This morning as i went to pay for parking, i got stuck behind two lil sophomores who decided to use their credit card to pay [which takes about 5 minutes to process]. Im out there in my northface,gloves, and scarf FREEZING my ass off...but this girl has on a MINI SKIRT and a thin ass 3/4 length sleeve tshirt. She's literally shaking. I, on the other hand, am laughing hysterically in my head. Thats what her ass get!! What were you thinking sweetie? You're a little bit too late for that get up, sorry! I bet she think she looked cute too. Sure, all girls sacrifice to look cute everynow and then...but there are such things as cute winter clothes too, ya know.

That's all for now. There will probably be more in future posts. :]

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