to the last 3 people to text me...

1. Sissy [Alexxx];; I love this girl right here! BFFL since 6th grade, &&I know she always has my back! We can talk about anything, &&back when I was with my ex, we could ALWAYS relate to each other's relationship problems. She's also the smartest person i know, &&she slick becomin a [grape]-head, but I still love her all the same...as long as she's eating the grapes with me! If she doesn't come up to HU with me, imma mis the hell outta her!

2. Tevin;; Hmm, what to say about tevin...he was my first skype buddy [back when I used to skype, lol]. He keeps it 200 at all times, &&is just a supa cool, chill dude to talk to. And we can whoop some ass in spades, so don't test us!! I miss him, &&we have YET to shake it together, but that will be happening VERY SOON.

3. BB;; Dawwhh, my baby! Haha! But really, I love him sooo much! One of those people who can make me smile no matter what, even on my bad days. Funniest dude I know. Realist dude I know. &&Smart as hell! &&Just as cute as can be :]] lol. We been through some crazy...crazy stuff together, but I think it has brought us closer...yea, it has. Das mah main thang right chea!

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