whadya get?

  • cheetah rainboots
  • new purse
  • juicy perfume
  • my own gps system for esmeralda
  • chris breezy- graffiti
  • nikon coolpix camera [purple]
  • sims 3 world adventures
  • $$$$$
  • various giftcards
  • wii fit plus
  • need for speed/family feud/just dance/guitar hero 5

Needless to say, my christmas was GREAT! But what I enjoyed more than anything was time with my family :]


i'm so blessed.

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  1. very pretty pics, your family looks nice. I really have to get a gps system, I've been anting one forever. I also like the Wii game too.

    I got some money, clothes, and a purse.


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