Ohhh, the boy does something for me. Can't put my finger on it. All I know is that I havent felt it from anyone in...almost exactly a year from saturday [Im pretty sure I broke up with my boyfriend on my birthday last year...] since then, I've had a lot of little flings, but nothing on this level of seriousness. Even though we arent what some may call "official" with a title or anything...I honestly don't care. He's mine :] Not to sound...possesive or anything, lmao.

Me: Mhmmm! So excited bruhhh
BB: Why so
Me: Because i loveee me some youuu!
BB: I likes that!
Me: Figured you would :)
BB: I love being with u too tho. Guess we just gne be two happy people
Me: Very happy :) idk, u just do sum to me when im with u. A good sum lol
BB: Thats how its supposed to be!
Me: I know! Just havent felt it in a long ass time from anyone else
BB: :-) ;-) :-*

we cute, we know :P

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