brand new.

Thank you so much to all my followers!!! Being pretty new to this blogging thing, it means so much!!

But happy new year to everyone! Ihope you all had great times clebrating! As for me and my friends...well to make a long story short, our plans didnt quite go too well, but we still had a great time driving around, eating pizza, meeting our JERK ass local weather man at baskin robins, gettin all sexy just to fail at getting into the club, playing wii, and having the most interesting girl talk ever...mainly abt sex :P.

I still cant believe it. 2010 is finally here. This is like...my year. To turn 18, graduate, move out, start college life! Its overwhelming! I'm so excited and anxious!!!

Well i'm at the hair salon...I really feel like switching my hair up, but i dont knnow what I would do to it! Hmmm...maybe a lil later...like mybirthday..which is in 21 days!!! Also the day I get pierced and possibly tatted :]

Another announcement: AVATAR IS THE HYPEST MOVIE EVER. Go see it. Its worth it. I want to be an avatar.

That is all.


  1. Even though your plans fell through, it still seems like you had fun


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