So im sittingdown here in the sunroom doing homework and watching tv with my lil sis...who will be 14 on friday [shes getting so old!!] &&im realizing that this is our last...7 months living together full time. she'll be here alone for four whole yrs!! how depressing is that?! i feel so terrible abt it...idk what shes gonna do! &&dont even get me started about how much im gonna miss her! what most ppl dont know is that we havent always gotten along...been friends and whatnot. but as weve gotten older weve grown closer....man. we really are the same person. we think alike, act alike, laugh alike...its ridiculous.

now im feelin all old and depressed...ugh! haha...

well i guess ill get back to this hw. my sis keep lookin at me sayin stuff like "you havent finsished a single assignment!" haha. her special bday post will be coming friday.

sorry for the bad type slang...im on my phone and feeling lazyyyy :P


  1. Leah!5.1.10

    It's gonna be okay SanSan;; you guys have a great bond NOW and that's what matters. I'm sure the texting and fb rate will increase once you shoot off to HU. No worries. :]

  2. awww how sweet; me and my sis are close too


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