ms. barrino.

Ever since I first saw her audition for american idol, I have loved me some Fantasia. Her voice is one of a kind, and I just love watching her perform. I'm sooo glad to know that she will soon be back on the scene with a new album coming out next month!! &&For those who haven't seen her reality show...well I'm not sure if I'd recommend it unless you're a hardcore fan like I am, but its cool in my opinion!

AND OHHHH, [I couldnt find a good picture of him] Fantasia's man [yes, the married one with kids whose name is tatted on her chest] is FINE!!! I mean BAD. For those who watch Wendy Williams daily, you've seen the picture and know what I'm talking about.

Gone Tasia, do ya thang girl! I love her.

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  1. I didn't know she was married, I watch Wendy Williams if i'm just flipping thru the channels and I see a guest on that I like. I was just watching her vids on youtube. I wish her all the best!


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