pet peeves #2.

Those "sometimes" friends;; Okay, so over the summer I used to mess with this one dude...and I mean I really liked him! But the relationship was VERY complicated due to some reasons that aren't necessarily relevant. ANYWAYS, we got into an argument over something HUGE that happened between us...and stopped talking all together. And I must say I was pretty upset about this, because this particular dude is my favorite person to talk to ever...and by talk I mean having a conversation with. So needless to say I was pretty bummed out by our friendship...with benefits...being ruined over an incident that [I admit] I let get out of hand and overreacted to. Moving on...about 6ish months later, I get a facebook chat from this person just out of the blue! And we start talking again, just as friends of course. And I'm all happy because I sincerely enjoy the conversations we have over the phone and whatnot...but then comes the deal breaker. Come to find out [because he told me himself], the main reason dude started talking to me again is because he is not completely satisfied with the...lovin...his current girlfriend has been giving him, and pretty much wants me to be his sideline...


Obviously I said no. And you know what? The day I told him no was the last day I've spoken to dude...so that was like the week before Christmas I believe. What the hell? Could not believe it...really thought him to be a better person than that. Oh well! I guess that's just how some people are.

My point is, I can't stand people who only come around when they want something from you...try to act all buddy buddy all of a sudden because you potentially will be able to give then what they want or need in the end. Well I ain't going....just let that be known. Dammit.

Fun picture! My favorite peace bracelet! I took this while in ATL with the fam. I think it's cool. Just kinda wanted to post a random picture for you guys :P I love the macro setting, lol.

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  1. Wow, sorry Z,
    But you did right and balanced it. You valued his conversation most, but he valved your secret. That's the stupidity in US Men Folks! As we get older some of us DO realize that there is more to a Woman than WHOA MAN! You will find what you need. Stick to your guns.


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