So I kinda am a little bit obsessed with piercings. I only have 6 myself [all in my ears] but I love admiring others' piercings and have always looked forward to the day when I'm 18 and can go out and get my own without worrying about my parents' opinions!!

So my mama and pretty much everyone else in my family know I'm FINALLY getting my bellybutton pierced sometime this month. I was going to do it on my birthday, which is next Saturday, but my school's homecoming dance is that day, and I dont want to be sore...so i'll probably do it the week after. Then I was thinking well, I can still get one of my other ear piercings done...because I want more in my ears too. Only thing is, I have noooo idea where I should get it done! I dont want my tragus done for sure...considered my anti-tragus for a while but changed my mind. My friend Jasma has an industrial and I LOVE it but honestly dont think it would look right on me. Everyone who has thier cartilage pierced has had problems with it, so i'm trying to avoid that also...therefore i'm now stuck between the daith and rook piercings. Personally I think the rook would look SO badass, but the pain is probably damn near unbearable. But that's not really a problem with me...I have a high pain tolerance. And the thing about the daith is...well that part of my ear is kinda small!

So for anyone who reads this...what do yall think?

&&This would be my ear...PLEASE excuse my nappy hair :] Havin a VERY rough hair day, lmao.


  1. Leah!13.1.10

    oh em eff gee!
    first of all! i didn't even know that there was a such thing as a horizontal lobe, rook, conch, snug, or an anti traigus. oh my gosh. there are so many! wow. okay.

    Well anyways. i 100% this the rook is effing sexy and would look..... simply amazing. but i also think the industrial is for you too. you should totally do it. i think it would be cute. :D

  2. they have names fa everything nowadays, GEEZ! but uhh, i like ya ear piercings. :] i have four ear piercings, & i considered getting the third one like you have, but i didn't know how it would fit in my earlobes, lol. idk if i have that extra room... i know i want my cartilage pierced though, & i've finally settled on the left ear. as fa the rest of the peircings, i, personally couldn't get 'em... just cause i think they'd look odd on me. as fa you, i think the rook would look nice on you. whichever piercing you choose though, i'm sure you'll look great with it.

  3. piercings* ... sorry, typo.


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