• school starts back on tuesday. grrr! atleast its not tomorrow like some non-metro schools out there. one more day to relaxxx...and boy do i need it.
  • fafsa. gotta get that shit done asap!
  • why its under 20 degress here in nashville tonight, i dont know! but its got to change...i despise the cold.
  • im going through a nicki minaj spell right now...hence the new playlist.
  • thanks to all my new followers again! i love yall and the fact that you're interested in what i have to say!
  • any good music suggestions?! i like all types and desperately need to update my ipod.
  • the game taboo=love.
  • im going to be legal in...19 DAYS! can you say excited?
  • did i mention my love for avatar? or blind side? yea...go see those.
sorry i have nothing interesting to say. when school starts back i KNOW i will :]

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  1. Sorry about heading to school already. I hated that fact about school. And the Nikki minaj spell; I am so going through that right now. Oh Lord. I do not care for her music but Lord her style is growing on me. I love how a black chick is rocking the barbie look.


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