So I really don't have anything to write about...so therefore...A TRIBUTE! To the last person who texted me, my bestie Orleans :]

O! You probably don't believe me when I tell you I love you, but I really do mean it! We've come a long way...a VERY long way. I used to be so mean to you dude...and look at us now! You mah bestie bruhhhh :] &&I always thought that you'd surprise us all and end up being super successful..and that's DEFINATELY where you headed. We all gonna see you on tv reallll soon, and one day I'm sure I'll be in attendance at one of your NFL games! Can't lie, I'm proud of you! Not that I ever doubted you though. Thank you for all your help back when I needed it the most [you know what I'm talkin bout] &&for just bein a great friend to me constantly, even when I'm haven't always been too nice to you :] I love youuuu!

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