xanga #2

[8.16.06] if yall cuddent tell today, i aint feel guud at all...classes were tha same...met sum new juniors today at lunch...got my hug from jordan...mah glasses got passed around from brandon ta justin ta d woods...lunch was fun....me n jeremy tlkd durin is...justin went WAY to far today n grabbed mah butt and gave me his numbah hahahahahhahaha nigga stupid AND nasty...we realized its way 2 many ppl in our skool named justin and jordan...wun of the jordans came to me askin 'have u seen a gurl trinna sell sum burritos' hahahahaha dat was funny...but neway startin tmr ima be goin to da rec afta skool so dat shud be fun...AW YEA I SAW DEANTE DIS MORNIN!!! he was sittin dere waitin fa me wit earnest haha so dat was coo but um das bout it...umhm call me

Dang...R.I.P. Earnest! I used to see him almost everyday at the bus stop with Deante that year...such a sweet guy man. Crazy that he's gone! So young...

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