Ok, so who had a xanga back in the day?! I know I cant be the only one out there, lmao. I used to write in my little xanga faithfully everyday! Whats so funny, though, is that I never wrote about anything except what I did that day! Like I would literally recap my whole day, week, etc...and that's it. All my friends had one too;;I guess we thought we were cool. Anyways, I searched my old xanga sn on google, and found my old page! I started reading...oh.my.goodness. I WAS SO LAME! &&Hood! Hahaha! So what Im gonna start doing is post a random xanga post everynow and then on this blog...just to remind myself [and show you all, especially my personal friends] how far Ive come...

First a little background: This was the beginning of my 9th grade year...I had just gotten back with DG...

[biology] ok so me n brandon walk in n the first thing i see is egypt...i said brandon n i pointed mah eyes ova ta ware she was n we luukd at each otha n BUSTED OUT LAFIN chelsea was laffin 2, omg it was so funny iono wuh tha deal was today wit ha outfit, buh it was jus NOT workin fa me...man i jus dont undatand...if u seen it u kno wuh im tlkin bout so ima jus leave it at dat...we was tlkin bout it at da rec too, haha dat was funny

[pe] ran tha block den came bak in and excersised...den practiced golf...man we suck it tuuk b bout 10 times to hit da ball, sum otha dude missed da ball n hit da mat, it was supa funny...and i found out dat karrisa got ha belly button peirced...buh i aint ask er bout it or said nuthin yet, ill ask tmr i gess cuhz i wanna kno ware she got it dun n if it hurt cuhz dat rele made me wanna git wun it was supa cute haha

[geometry] didnt do da hw...o well, we jus went ova it n stuff...das bacially all we did dat class is SOOOO borin

[spanish] hmm well basically i sit in a spot ware i can see brandon justin daniel and kenya all at wunce so i see ALL da crazy shit dey be duin...and man daniel n kenya was actin uh FOO ova dere today errytime i looked uhp somthin funny was goin on...and that lil we lyk ta go dumb thing...that was...wow i dunno da word buh i was trippin...n dey was tlkin bout dat tommy pinata haha...and we jus went ova sum easy stuff in da book n got our cds...das rele all i can think uhf

[lunch] man we had FUN today...kenya kept trinna take mah chicken, and she ended up wit it in the end 2 haha, errybody kept makin me laf wen i was drinkin...we was tlkin bout KENYAS HUSBAND WHOOOOOOOHOOOOO haha riri had got mad too...den we was takin pics n stuff...we tlkd n acted uh foo lyk always...man we had supa fun today

[english] got wit our lil groups fa dat outline...we was dun all we needa ta do was type it so ellen went up to do dat n me brandon n dat otha gurl jus sat dere da hole time...i found out mah glasses got broke by daniel...n we was dyin ova dem nerds ova dere tlkin bout calculatas n shit man it was funny

[visual arts] got our cubbies lol...mine is wit norah MAH BUDDY man she a coo wite gurl n she in bout ALL mah classes...her n meg is a trip...and me daniel n justin was passin notes the hole time...she neva catch us ion see how...buh justins notes was NASTY AS HELL he made me mad his lil nasty ass...buh it was funny...and i had lost mah bag at da moment so i was kinda pissed

[is] actually did homework today...tlkd to jeremy and bri lyk always...got a chance to go uhp n clean out mah locka....n das bout it

[da rec] well wen we first got dere it was only a few uhf us n we was jus sittin tlkin eatin drinkin all dat guud stuff...dee dee got da nasty cookies, i had a hershey bar n errybody wanted sum..no1 wud buy me a drink den da machine stopped workin...angel n dat dude was ova dere singin n playin da piana dey was REAL GUUD 2 n den dey had sum pizza n let us hav sum...n den HUSBANDS came in and me n netta got xcited n hadda calm down before kenya got 2 mad hahahahaah and den angel was lyk FRESHMEN which is wut she calls me netta bet n alex...and now kenya since she was there and we went upstairs to practice the dance...n adrian was in dere n sum otha dudes n we lyk wdf yall duin hahaha and den me n netta hadda teach kenya the dance den angel all uhf a sudden was lyk yall are sum lucky freshmen...because i rele lyk yall hahaha becuz angel rele dont lyk freshmen n den jenee was tlkin bout how ls yr she was so mean to da freshmen n angel was tlkin bout ppl it was funny...dat gurl is supa coo she keep it real on da real haha, so yea das mah gurl now...den i hadda leave n i was pisssed

so now im home jus finished mah hw, now im finna work on hw for the rest of the week...tmr gotta field trip!! yeaaa buddy

and if u didnt kno, yea me n daniel r bak togetha...srry i aint tell yall haha


  1. omg . that is funny . the way you spelled things & everything . i think we all did that and now look at it like " wtf was I in school for if I couldnt spell even the simplest words correct " lol

  2. ...I had a Xanga account!! I wish I knew my username and password so I could read the foolish things I encountered during my HS days!!

    --nice blog!


  3. Leah!28.1.10

    oh my god sandi... "she uh coo lil wite gurr. MAH BUDDY." lol! you a mess hahahahahaha


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