accept me flaws and all.

[idea jocked from iDream ]

Why You WOULDN'T Want To Date Me.

1. I am easily amused, but I get bored veryyyy easily. I hate routine;;I want spontaneity in my relationship at all times. If everytime we get together we go out to the same date spot or have the same kind of...uhm...sexual relations..yea, I don't like that one bit. I'm not saying that we have to do completely new things everytime we're together, but it definately wouldnt hurt to switch it up every now and then. 

2. I am extremely quiet and shy. Like sometimes I may not say more than 20 words to you when we're alone. I honestly like listening more than speaking. I never have anything to talk about, and I'm terrible at holding good conversations. I've just been like this all my life, kinda cant help it!

3. It may seem like I'm avoiding you at times, but all I'm trying to do is give you space;;the last thing I want to be thought of as is CLINGY [I've had bad experiences with it in the past]. That means I'm not going to text you 24/7 or blow up your phone every hour for hours at a time...no. I hate being thought of as annoying!

4. I have a past that I'm not proud of. Every now and then it is possible that you may hear a not-to-pleasant story about me from someone about something that happened back then. I'm not proud of it...but I have moved on, believe that. Just don't be surprised if something like that comes your way. I don't necessarily have the best reputation out there.

5. I have ZERO sympathy for sissy-ass dudes. Do not come to me with the whining shit. I don't do it. BEST BELIEVE your ass will get dropped toooo damn fast. If there is a problem, you better talk to me like a MAN, not a little boy.

6. I have a bad temper at times and very little patience all the time. Once you get me mad...theres no quick fix to get me smiling again. And boyyy can I hold a grudge. But realize that it takes a shitload to get me upset in the first place! I swear I'm not that hot headed!

I freakin love this excercise! If I think of anymore at a later date, I'll be sure to post them. It's good to be able to accept your flaws! Glad I can...I am working on them, though!

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  1. Lol girl I loved the exercise to. It was fun to me , pointing out my flaws and being able to accept MYSELF for who I am .


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