auntie sandi.

I have three beautiful neices and one great neice. &&I love them all dearly.

Chantae;; This girl right here could kinda be considered my big sister. She's 6 years older than me, so we kinda grew up together more like siblings than aunt and neice, obviously :P. She's gorgeous. Like super pretty. People see pictures of her in my wallet and be like DANGGG, who is that?! Haha. She's an aspiring fashion desginer, and I can definately see her going very far in life. I love that girl. She toooo real bruh.

Kayli;; This girl right here is my heart [see my other post about her here]. When I say she is the most precious, adorable, beautiful little girl in the world, I mean it. With all my heart. I was nervous when I first met her, because I didn't know if she was gonna be open with me and whatnot. But after a few minutes of typical toddler shyness, we became best friends! Yes, my best friend is my two year old neice. She is sooo much fun to be around, and really is super grown for her age. I can talk to her like someone my age. Yall be watching out for her in magazines and commercials and catalouges...cause she's gonna be a star...just like her middle name Starr implies :] I love my babygirl.

Shana;; I've never been really close to Shana-she's older than me also and lives and Memphis, so I haven't seen her...since elementary school. But thanks to facebook, we've been able to reconnect! Hopefully she will be able to come up for my graduation so I can see her! I look forward to becomming closer as we both get older! Love you Shana!

McKenzie;; My first great neice, thanks to Shana! I haven't met this little bundle of joy, but I can't wait to! SHE IS ADORABLE! Such a sweetheart, from what I hear :]. I just like looking at her...but I mean, you can't blame me! Auntie loves you Kenzie :-*

[Chantae, my lil sis, me, &&Kayli]

[Kayli being irresistable, as always]

[Well, hello gorgeous! Kenzie pie!]

[My beautiful neice Shana with a sick Kenzie :P]

How lucky am I?!? I know, suppper lucky...you dont have to tell me :D


  1. I find it amazing that you are a GREAT-aunt at the young age of 18!

  2. I love when you talk about your family. You light up. :D


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