So I got a formspring in hopes that people would ocassionally ask me questions that would give me something to blog about. But it has seriously gotten out of hand. It's so funny to me how bold people can become when they suddenly can be annonymous. Like forreal? From the looks of it, a few people have some problems with me and Brandon being together. Always tryna bring up something from the past or say something rediculous to try to make him look bad or some shit. Seriously, stfu. That really pisses me off. Crazy how people can be so set on ruining other people's happiness.

But it's cool though! I guess that's just how some people are.


  1. trifalin.
    FUCK 'EM!

  2. People do that to me a lot. I change my phone number, aim etc constantly (every 2 to 3 months). It can be hurtful but now I either brush them off or laugh it off. No use in even responding to fuel the fire.

  3. yeah i know how you feel Sandilicious.
    Last week somebody called Antonio talkin bout
    i have a history of cheating on every last bf i've ever had and that i have cheated on him and that i was still cheating on him to this day...we only been together 2 months! thats alot of cheating. but just ignore the stupid jealous people. they just mad bc they cant have loves like ourssss :) i love the fact that you and BB are together! i think yall are absolutely ADORABLE! :) love youuu.

  4. people ALWAYS gone have something to say.
    whether they actually THINK they know what they talkin about or whether its just he say she say.
    trust me I KNOW!
    but i mean as long as yall trust each other
    then i wouldn't even worry about that.
    tune out the bullshit.
    let them be jealous.

  5. && hell yeah people are hella bold.
    my first question was
    "why are you such an asshole?"
    i can be kinda mean to ppl though.


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