dear john.

So me and alex went to the movies last night to see Dear John...


I cried my little eyes out! &&I never cry during movies, it's just not like me!

What got me the most was how realistic the circumstances were...and how much the story line reminded me of...well myself! The whole concept of leaving...and still trying to maintain a relationship...me and bb talked about it, and how it reminded us of how our relationship is gonna be come august. I got really depressed for a while, but he reassured me that everything would be okay :] &&Of course I believe him! Lol, that boy...man...he does something to me!

But anyways, everyone should go see that movie with thier significant other! Or a very close friend like I did :P Seriously though, you wont be disappointed!

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  1. girl I saw it Friday....it reminded me of my boo & I, I mean dead on girl! We're 600 plus miles away...but we make it work, & he PROMISES me =)


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