Ever since I can remember, my family has always donated our old clothes and toys and whatnot to Goodwill. It goes without being said-every few months, we all clean out our closets and put together our donation to take down the street. For the past few years, my mama has started wanting to actually shop at Goodwill...just go in and look atleast. I always said NOOOO...like what the hell am I gonna find in Goodwill? Can't be serious. Had only shopped there once for a musical theater performance [I needed an 'old-timey' church dress]. But lately I started to actually consider going in for a little look around. People at my school would be wearing the cutest piece of clothing/shoes/etc..."where you get that?" "goodwill!" "wahhh?!".

So the day I went out shopping and got pierced up, I made a lil trip to my local Goodwill with Leah.


If I had more money than I did when I went, I woulda bought up half that store! Not really...just exaggerating. But seriously I found sooo many cute shirts! Even one for my sis! Oh, and not to mention a polo tshirt. Polo as in RALPHIE. Hah.

But seriously...and everything was $5. I gotta go back on Sunday to catch the 99cent sale! I'm seriously in love with that store. Every piece that I've worn to school so far, I've had someone say "ohhh you look cute! where you get that shirt?!" The look on thier faces when I tell them Goodwill is priceless. I've had multiple people asking me to take them to Goodwill to shop. Hah. Love it!

But uhhh yea. Definately one of my new favorite stores. Glad I gave it a chance :]

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  1. i been wanting to go in there for a while too
    i just never remember when i need =/


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