guilty pleasure.

RuPaul's Drag Race.

Yep, I admit it! I LOVE THIS SHOW! My mama, lil sister, and I religiously watched last season, and we plan to again this season around. You cannot lie and say that it's not interesting, yall! It's sooo much fun to watch! Pretty fascinating, too, to see how these guys transform into thier drag selves. The premiere came on again last night on VH1 [of course], and we've already got next weeks episode pre-taped on TIVO. I'm obsessed...can't even deny it.

&&It's also been said that a reality show spin-off of the race is coming soon? Who knows! What I do know is that if that is indeed true, I WILL be watching :]

&&Now it is time for me to sashay...away...lmao!


  1. wow Sandi... "Sashay away"? hahahaha ily crazy!

  2. girl me too !
    me and my moms be glued to the flatscreen , lol.


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