i less than 3 him.

"Take me back in the day when loving was pure.

Love ain't going away, love is always secure.

Life's not always perfect but love's always forever.

Lets let true love connect lets try lasting together.

I'm so ready to love, I'm so ready to promise my all.

I'm so ready to give til' the day that my life is no more.

I'll be everything that this woman could possibly be.

Cause I'm ready to be like the olden days when commitment was golden. "
-Chrisette M.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world...because I have fallen head over heels for a boy who constantly makes me happy, who stays crackin me up, who stays surprising me with the sweet things he says, who always makes me feel better on my bad days, who is gorgeous, who satisfies me, who makes my heart melt....

&&A boy who loves me.

I could go on forever about him! I'm giddy as hell bruh. Ohmahgad.

I'm so excited about this weekend...valentine's day weekend! It's gonna be perfect! Not to mention the first time I actually spend it with my significant other, and not family :P

To put it all in a nutshell: I'm super motherfucking happy.

That is all :D

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  1. you know how i feel about this already... so all i have to say is: YESHHHHHH! :DDD


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