pet peeves #4.

Traffic;; I'm so impatient. It's terrible, I know, &&I really do try to keep myself under control in most situations...but traffic is one thing that drives me INSANE in so many ways. To me, there is almost nothing worse than bumper-to-bumper, tailgate driving. Especially on the interstate. Today my 25 minute commute to my house from school took AN HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES. I could have punched somebody in the face, I was so upset. Not to mention, also, that the day my car got rear ended I was in traffic, so that gives me even more reason to hate it! Unless I'm in the car with someone who I can really have a long conversation with or who can entertain me or SOMETHING...then traffic can s my d. Real talk. Unless it was caused my a fatal accident...cause that would just be downright petty, inhuman, etc. Lmao.

Jerk-ass drivers;; Okay...so also on the way home today, I encountered manyyyy jerk-ass drivers. Because, of course, when it rains, people like to act crazy and get rude and shit. &&I, on the other hand, am uuuusually a pretty nice person when it comes to respecting my fellow commuters. It just kills me when I'm trying to merge...the other car clearly sees my blinker on...it's been on for an ample amount of time...but as I ease up, they speed up! Uhm, excuse me? Are you serious? I mean, I kinda HAVE to get over because the lane is ending...and you dont even have the decency to slow down justtt a lil bit for about 3 seconds to let me in? Shit like that just makes me wanna scream. That's when I have to get mean and bogard the mess out of them...and I promise I dont like to do so...but sometimes its just necessary! &&That's only one type of event that pisses me off...there are others, trust me...hah. It sounds like I have a lil bit of roadrage....maybe so. Whatevaaaa :P


  1. heehee, what you said!!!


  2. Before i got my license all I could think about was driving. Now I hate having to get behind the wheel. Everyone is so inconsiderate. A cop almost ran me off the road the other day. Who do you even call when that happens?? lol.

    btw, I HAD to follow this blog when I saw your followers are "groupies" and mine are "groupie love".


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