all systems go.

So previously I said that I was going to Panama City for SB10 with the girls...well, that kinda didn't fall through all the way. It ended up being a much harder task to set up than we thought! So yea, doesn't look like we'll be going. But a much better offer came up anyways :]]]

Because now I'm going to ATL with my boyfriendbabydaddyfiancee and some of my most favorite people in the whole wide world! &&The greatest thing is, my parents said I could! I really didnt think they would be so okay with it, but they were completely fine with it! I'm beyond excited. To get out of the house, to travel, to spend time with my amazing friends and boyfriend <333....all that!

We leave next saturday...which is super soon! Ahhhh, can't wait! :D

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