HU, you know!

So I'm back! Did ya miss me? Hah. Anyways...

I had a great time up in d.c.! It was like the 100th time I've visited, but the first that actually meant something more than going to visit my brother. This time I had to look at it from a different perspective. Like, "this is where I'm going to be living the next few years of my life". It was alot to take it when I thought about it like that! But I can honestly say that I know I'm going to enjoy it sooo much. Born and raised in the south, I must say that overall the north is veryyyy different from home, but it wont be tooo bad. The main thing is gonna be the weather :/ yeaaah, not looking forward to that so much. But the area that Howard is in is pretty nice! Its not the hodd of d.c. like most people assume lol. &&There's quite a bit to do! Actually, I don't think I'll ever run out of things to do, places to go, etc. So thats good!

Uhhh the campus is really nice! Not freaking huge, but a good size. &&The school of education that I'll be attending is superrr small and close-knit which I love! &&They have the perfect program for me to do! I'm beyond excited. The dorms aren't the best, but then again I hope I won't be a homebody and spend all day in it anyways haha.

&&My class is pretty darn hype! I didn't get to attend the little outing they had, but just from observing them while we were on campus, I was impressed with what I saw! The girl-boy ratio is like 10 to 1! Haha!. Not that it matters, I just didnt realize how extreme it was! I'm so excited to meet more people and become close to them when school starts. &&What's even better is that THEY ARE ALL BLACK! I saw one white boy. A few mixed kids but they dont count. Ive never been to a black school, so its super refreshing to be around sooo many people of my own kind! I love it!

Ohhh and I got the cutest little tshirt and sweatpants from the bookstore. They're vicky's secret!! I gotta get the jacket now. Sooo cute! I love the VS collegiate line :]

There are plenty more details I could go into, but I really dont feel like it. Lazy I know, I know. But overall, I loved it. I'm actually excited to go now. Of course I'm not happy about being a bajillion miles away from the people I love, but ya know...ugh.

&&Uhm by the way. I will never drive to dc again. Ever.

But it is good to be home :]]]]]

But school can s my d. Real talk.


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  1. Hey! you're coming to my school!!! yay!
    What are u planning on majoring in?



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