i'm your biggest fan.

Yes, I'm aware that I've posted like a bajillion posts today. Well, its because I'm miserable and have nothing else better to do! So here are some more funny fan pages from facebook. I just clicked the first five that came up :P

When people say "You're a jerk," I automatically say, "I know." ;;I mean seriously, how can you not!? It's so tempting.

I have joined so many groups they start to tell my life story ;; Yeah...I think this is self-explainitory. I looked, and I've become a fan of freakin 229 fan pages and I'm a member of 143 groups. I need to get a life.

That kid you never wanna talk to that always messages you when youre online ;; I'm so tempted to say names, but I'm not that petty. Actually it doesn't happen as much as it used to. Hopefully anyone reading this doesn't think its them! But the person I'm talking about probably doesn't read this anyway lol.

I Have Written The Title Of An Essay - It's Time For A Break ;;So m'fing true. I have such a hard time motivating myself to start a paper. &&Alot of the time writing the title is a struggle within itself!

Oh I got a text!! I hope its from........ oh my god leave me alone! ;;Don't you just hate when you're expecting a text from someone...you're just sitting there all anxious and whatnot. Your phone rings/vibrates...you pick it up...and IT'S NOT THAT PERSON! &&Not only is it not that person, its like the last freaking person on earth you wanna talk to?! Hah! Hate that!

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  1. Anonymous18.3.10

    That Last One Is Like The Story Of My Life.
    Such A Shame.


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