a new me!

So I feel like lately I haven't really been taking care of my body like I should. Too much junk food, sodas, sweets, etc., and not nearly enough of the good stuff.

That being said, from here on I'm going to try my very best to change all of that! Stop snaking on stuff like potato chips and grab an apple or something instead. Water, water, water will be my new best friend...&&juice :P. Maybe an occasional big red here or there to reward myself...but only on...saturdays! Yeah, that sounds good. I went to walgreens and bought these one-a-day multi vitamins that I'm finna start taking to help improve my skin, nails, hair, immune system, etc. &&Maybe I'll try to start working out at the center down the road...only thing is that it costs mulaaa, &&I'm still jobless as of now...but we'll see!

Hopefully this will lead to a healthier, more toned/energetic me by the summertime! Gotta get rid of this flab for swimsuit season! Hah!

But I really do need this, so I'm ready for the challenge. &&If any of you are out with me and see me about to make a bad food decision or something, stop me! :]


  1. Omg, doppleganger! Why was I just thinking and telling myself this!!! I drank water instead of juice at lunch today! :D I'm proud. I have been slacking on my water drinking for real, so I am trying to fix that. We can do it!

  2. you and me both.



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