sad face.

I'm sick! I kinda felt it coming on last night, but was hoping that it was all in my head. But waking up this morning &&not being able to breathe and having a headache confirmed it. Not to mention that my entire body aches :[

I hate being sick! Even just a common cold like what I have drives me crazy! &&I stay with a cold, which is the worst part. I guess I should start taking vitamins or something. Plus I always get sick during like a crucial time in my life [i.e. having a temperature of 103 on the night of my choir concert! fml!]. I suppose this time isn't crucial though, since spring break is essentially over. Still sucks though.

Anyone have any quick fixes? I'm not really feeling hot soup since its getting warmer :P

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  1. Yeah, if you take ecinachea [sp] everyday or at least a few times a week, it will help you to stay well and fight off colds better. it's not good that you get colds all the time. :/ but also my mom makes this garlic mixture... it makes your breath smell but it works wonders asap! And of course gargling with warm salt water for a sore throat. And you can make herbal tea with honey and lemon, let it steep for 15 minutes then put ice cubes in it... yeah.


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