sex so great she gainin weight.

I remember once my mama told me that when you're in love you gain weight. So I looked it up on Cosmo's website to read why. You should read it! I'm too lazy to write it out on here :P

One may ask, 'how is this relevant to you, sandi?'. Well, because I'm gaining weight! Quite rapidly! &&I blame this love bug that bit me when BB came along! He blames something else...which I must say I agree with also ;] hahaha.

Man. Have I mentioned how much I love that boy?

ANYWAYS, I can't fit hardly any of my jeans anymore, which makes me even more anxious for spring! Straight dresses and skirts! I bought a few down in ATL and hopefully I can find some more for some good prices later this week. I need to save as much money as possible! Sooo much is coming up that I need to pay for :/


  1. wow. this explains ALOT because besides me feeling bigger than usual, everybody else keeps telling me i look "thicker" aka IM GETTING FATTER!

    thanks sandi :)

  2. haha I've read this before lol my hunny has put on weight but I know that's cause I feed him a lot but I solved that little issue because summer will be here all to soon, we work out in the mornings together now.. and um sex is quite the work out too lmao

    thanks for reading and supporting my blog love! Keep in touch! <3

  3. I blame something else too!! bahahahah. :P


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