she's back!

I'm back from ATL! I had such a good time, but I must admit I missed home :]

Welllp, back to the norm. The rest of my spring break shall consist of shopping...shopping...and more shopping. Bahaha, not really;;I'm slick broke. Actually I AM broke. Gas costs are no joke. ATL in general is just costly.

Ah well, very worth it. I definately enjoyed the time spent with my friends and baby :]

Pictures coming soon! But for now, a survey! Stolen from Mone!

ABC's of me
A: Age - 18 bruhhh. legallity in this biaaa.
B: Bed Size - uhhh queen.
C: Chore you hate - all of them really.
D: Dad's name - harold.
E: Essential start your day item - music. and chocolate milk :P
F: Favorite color - red. but it's slowly becoming turquoise.
G: Gold or Silver - silva.
H: Height - 5'2". shortieee.
I: Instruments you play - my voice.
J: Job title - volunteer. hah.
K: Kid(s) - not yet!
L: Living arrangements - me, mama, daddy, lil sis, and 2 doggies.
M: Mom's name - phyllis.
N: Nickname - skeezer;sandbone;sansan;sandy cheeks
O: Overnight hospital stay - nope.
P: Pet peeve - just see my pet peeve posts.
Q: Quote from a movie - I dont feel like thinking.
R: Right or left handed - right.
S: Siblings - lil sis. 2 half sibs.
T: Time you wake up - for school 5.45. otherwise 10, 11ish unless I have someone to go.
U: Underwear - all vicky's secret.
V: Vegetable you dislike -peas.
X: X-rays you've had - just dentist ones.
Y: Yummy food you make - mini chicken tacos!
Z: Zoo animals you like - this should be obvious...

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  1. Ahem, you forgot someone in your living arrangements, *cough cough*.
    Yayy for your (almost) new fav. color!!! :D
    Mini chicken tacos?! I haven't heard about this!


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