s.o.c. (2]

sometimes i hate being a woman;;i hope it's warm tmr;;i need to pick out my outfit for hillbilly day;;scholarships are driving me insane;;i can't wait for my meeting at vandy friday!!;;i hope i get that job at the daycare center with ms. sheila;;spring break;;i guess i should go eat that tomato soup;;i'm pretty sure i'm getting tatted this weekend in atl;;man i want some panera;;and some marble slab;;ohhh crap i have to finish my yearbook page for jasma;;efff school;;my grades are getting better!;;boooo for double even tmr :[;;but yayyyy for choir!!;;woot woot new york soon;;but no rites of spring;;i need to get owl city tickets;;man i wish i coulda seen chrisette;;tyra sanchez=diva;;well i guess i should do this yearbook page now....


  1. Anonymous10.3.10

    - NICE BLOG :)

  2. so i love these! keep doing them! :D
    And we should totally hit up panera then marble slab together. Seriomente mi nina!!!


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