what's been up with me.

Wow, I haven't posted anything the past few days...time has really been getting away from me lately...but for good reasons! So I suppose I'll just give you guys an update on my life! Hah.

  • My grades are coming up! Slowly but surely. They aren't where they need to be or where I want them to be, but that just motivates me to do even better next 9 weeks. As long as they don't go down, I'm straight!
  • I have the best friends ever! I spent this past weekend with some of my best friends and favorite people in the world...and my baby <333. Me and Brandon chilled at his house for a few hours, and later that night Alex, Dorian, Karissa, and I went to the club! My first time! Pretty dry at first, but by the end it was supa cool. We makin it a ritual!
  • Just a public service announcement that I think needs to be stated: Brandon Brown is the sexiest dude on earth. Point, blank, period. I could just eat that boy up. Speaking of BB, our relationship is beyond amazing. My love for him grows everyday...legit. I sound corny but I'm sooo serious! He is amazing and I am soooo sooo soooo happy and in love. It's rediculous.
  • I think I'm gonna go ahead and get my tat next week! I figure I really have nothing to wait on sooo might as well get 'er done!
Uhhh yea. :D

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