empire state of mind.

I cannot wait to go to New York.

I just realized that we leave next friday...that will be here before we know it! I've been once in 8th grade, but back then...idk, I just dont feel like I took it all in enough. But I loveeeddd it. That was around the time when I first got interested in broadway and all that, &&we were fortunate enough to see the FREAKIN LION KING broadway show. &&That is why it is now my dream job. Always will be. I would kill to be in the ensemble of that show. Anyways...

This time around we'll be seeing west side story!! Another one of my faves, but I've only seen movie versions. So it should be superrr exciting!

But I suppose I'll worry more about that later...right now I need to focus on prom...which is stressing me the hell out. I slick just want it to be over, which is bad. I'm definately not as excited as I should be, thats for sure...ah well. Hopefully everything works out...

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