rip uncle charlie.

I guess I should first say happy april everyone! &&No this isnt an april fool's post :P

But uhmmm. Yeah.

So yesterday when I was picked up from school, I learned that my uncle had passed away. &&This isn't like one of those family members I wasn't close with or never saw or talked to...we were really close. Saw him at least once a week. The past 2 weeks he had been in the hospital, but I didnt realize how serious everything was until...yesterday really. He died from multiple complications that he had been struggling with for years, but none of us knew about them until he finally got super sick a few weeks ago. He was really quiet, and later said that he didnt want to worry any of us with his problems.

I just wish he would have spoken up.

Obviously, I'm hurt. This is only the second time a very close family member has passed away. But never would I have guessed that my uncle would be the next to go. Parents arent supposed to bury thier children, but now my grandparents have to bury thier oldest son. It kills me to see them hurting. But overall, everyone is doing well and we're all sticking together.

I think one thing that really makes all this worse is that my uncle did so much for me over my lifetime. Just little, fun things. Like teaching me to whistle at age 2...buying the best christmas gifts for me each year...and most recently fixing my hooptie of a car for free. This past christmas, my sister and I got him one of those recordable cards, and it took us probably an hourrrr to get it right! Hah. &&My mama told me to write him a thank you note for fixing up my car for me...

I never got around to it.

If I could just say one last thing to him, it would be thank you. I hate that I wasnt able to in person. But I know he's looking down on all of us smiling and laughing :D

He will truly be missed.

For those nashvillians out there that watch channel 2 news, you may have seen the tribute they had for him on there. He was a big part of the news 2 family. I'll post either the video or the link to it later.

But please keep my family in your prayers...and my dad, who is going into surgery tomorrow.


  1. wow, my heart goes out to you and your family and i will definitely pray for you all. i know everyone of you are going through a hard time...

    i lost my Cousin (called her my aunt all my life out of respect for the fact she was a lot older than me.) the same way last year. she had been sick for a while and no one knew and just like that, she was gone. we just celebrated her one year anniversary.

    i know the Lord takes them from us for his own reasons and we should know its for the better, but boy does it hurt. it might take some time but i would rather hurt a little everyday with her not being here with us than for her to suffer a lot still trying to be strong for everyone else.

    keep your head up beautiful,

    gwen <3

  2. :-( sorry to hear that!


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