story of my life.

Whether you realize it or not, you've decided that your current situation just isn't working. It's not in your nature to sit there and take it, and you've got little patience with anyone who does. Make some changes, and move quickly on them -- so quickly that those closest to you may wonder exactly who you are and what you've done with the person they knew. Resist the urge to nurse them through it all!

-Aquarius horoscope for 4.13

Couldnt be more correct. Seriously. &&I'm not even a horoscope person, but everynow and then they are just wayyy to accurate to not consider.

Lately I've just been super stressed about everythingggg. Mainly because I'm super cautious about everythingggg. Maybe if I loosen up a little bit more, I'll be happier. Just learn to kick back and stop overanalyzing every little thing...because I do :P

We'll see how this goes...hmmm...

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