AHH! In a few hours I will be heading to graduation practice! Can you say surreal?! In a way I slick feel like Ive already graduated, I guess because allll of my other friends at other schools have at this point. But finally its gonna be our day! Im sooo ready for it! Its crazy because I remember back in 6th grade thinking, I still have 6 more years of school left! &&At the time that seemed like an eternity! But here we are, and Im graduating tmr. Crazy how time flies. Especially this year. It seemed like we were just getting started when all of a sudden here come ap tests and final exams.

&&Apparently Im getting honored at the senior awards ceremony thats being held after practice. Ive been racking my brain trying to figure out what theee heck I could be getting honored for. Hah! Im not the best student in the world, and thats for damn sure. My grades were slick atrocious this past nine weeks. Bet its gonna be something super random. Ah well, guess I'll see! I still think it was a mistake, lol.

Ahhh man, its gonna be a cry fest tomorrow, I know that for sure :[[[ But I'm ready for it!

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  1. I'll be there tomorrow night cheering you, Shelburrss, Leah, Karissa, and everyone else I know on!


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