i'm so honored!

So I'm going through the feed of all the blogs I follow as I do on a daily basis, &&all of a sudden I see a picture of me..but not from one of my posts!

Come to find out, I was being honored by Pia Lashay as one of her favorite bloggers!


I literally screamed out loud! That means sooo much to me! I say this all this time, but only because its true! I'm sooo honored and grateful and happy! :]

PLEASE go check out her blog! She is like one of the most best dressed people that Ive seen, she's super creative, &&just overall a cutie-patootie! I read her blog everyyyday!

I loveee her! :]

Thanks so much Pia !!!


    Thankss. We haveee so much in common, see ; we thinkk the same thing about each other. woot. woot. loll


I love hearing what you have to say! :D