So Ive been meaning to do a post about this gorgeous girl right here for a while now. Today I got my new issue of Seventeen magazine, and she was on the cover, so I finally remembered!

Yall probably dont know, because I never blog about it, but I am a HUGE americas next top model fan. &&Usually I have a hard time keeping up with the season as its running [usually I just catch the marathon at the end of the season], but this past season I watched and tivo'ed religiously. The girls on this past season were really interesting! Sooo much drama, I loved it!

Anyways, from the get-go I had loved krista. I just love the sleekness about her. Not to mention her FLAWLESS skin and collarbones to die for. When she won I was beyonddd excited! Screamed and everything! I know she's gonna be super successful. If you didnt catch this past season, I advise you catch it whenever it marathons...its worth it!

Here are just a few pics of krista...

My two other favorites of the season:

Alasia [she was just super cute]:

 &&mrs. attitude herself Angelea:

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  1. I missed every single episode of this season! SMH! Will be catching the reruns this summer!


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