my day.

UGH. I feel like shit right now. I hate being a woman. I need to get on birth contol asap.

On a much lighter note, today was my graduation dinner, and I had such a great time! All of my closest family and friends came out to help me celebrate. The food was amazingggg [catered by my cousin], and my dad put together a super cute video for me. &&My cake was amaaazing. We devoured it. There is literally none left. But we have a full pan of chicken left haha. Definately not complaining though! My heart Kayli came and kept me running the whole afternoon...literally running after her. &&Drawing on ballons. &&Playing hide and seek. &&Other fun toddler activities, hah. My other baby boys who are now all grown up, Evan and Jackson, came to see me :] I miss them so much. I was there for both of their births, and to see them all grown up is rediculous. My do6 girls were all there, minus bet...typical lol. &&Of course plenty of cousins were there. It was great! I recieved tons of cards and sweet little messages...&&not to mention a total [so far] of $928.oo to spend :] Im super excited to start shopping!

So basically I had a great day. &&This will be the first night since wednesday that Im staying in the house and not partying. Tomorrow is memorial day, &&Im probably gonna hit up the wavepool with my girls, then head over to kenyas cookout for more foooood :]. I just hope I feel better tomorrow than I do tonight :[.

Just a few shots from my camera.

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