pet peeves #7

Sensitive-ass dudes;; No, I'm not referring to gay dudes, because frankly I think gay dudes are the best and one of my goals for college is to become best friends with a gay dude. I'm talking about straight dudes who are just sensitive as hell! &&All my close friends are gonna know exactly who I'm thinking about as I type this. Ok, lets take an example. You and your dude been together for a year and some change, and lets say hypothetically you cheat on him. A normal dude, in my opinion, would be sad about it, yes, but would he CRY about it?!? NO! &&Especialllllly not sitting in a corner, knees to his chest, and in the public eye. Are you serious?! Are we in pre-k? Maybe I missed something. I dont know but sensitivity just pisses me off. GROW SOME BALLS! A negro crying gets zero sympathy from me, unless its something tragic, like a death in the family or something which I can completely understand. Other than that, crying is zero tolerance in my book. It makes me sick actually. UGH.


  1. Kenya26.5.10


  2. LOL! Girl... I always told guys that being afraid to cry was a sign of weakness and that being brave enough to cry was a sign of strength. I've never had a guy cry over me before, I don't think... I don't know how I would react if one ever did.


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