To do list for summer 2010;;
  • spend as much time out of the house as possible;;this is going to be the last time for a gooood little minute that ill have the opportunity to spend alot of time with all of my friends here together. once i move to dc, i'll only be able to come home every few months for short periods of time, &&with fall breaks, xmas break, etc all varying from school to school, itll be hard to meet up even when i am home :[. i hateee thinking about it honestly. but im definately going to make the best out of each and everyday that im still here in the ville :].
  • buy a new wardrobe;;living in dc is going to slick be hell for me because i despise the cold. but on the bright side, that means i get to buy myself a wholeee new wardrobe! im not the biggest fan of winter clothing, but trust me when i say im gonna make the best of it.
  • get another tat;;really, this is just a random one. idk what imma get yet though.
  • save money like crazyyy;;living by myself in dc is going to be expensiveeee. im constantly gonna be having to pay for food [imma fatty], laundry, transportation, and of course clubbing and shopping! so if i miraculously find a job over the summer, best believe that money goin straight to the bank.
  • find a new hobby;;i just want something to do to keep me busy. i feel like a have alot of artistic potential inside of me thats just waiting to burst out! hah! if i could i would loveee to join some kind of musical theater group or something. cant let this voice go to waste! :]
  • maximize my social networking;;im soo proud of myself! lately ive been adding people from the HU c/o 2014 facebook page like crazy &&getting to know them. im actually in search of a roomate as we speak! im really excited about branching out and meeting people from all over the country. its so important to build good relationships with the people you meet in college, because once they become successful, you gonna wanna get the hookup from them, &&vice versa, nah meen? hah.
  • take plenty of pictures;;i plan on making some kind of massive collage to put above my bed in my dorm room when i move. im going to need pictures of everyyybody! i have to be able to see those faces everyday!!
  • cherish time with my family;;i know that my fam is going to miss me more than anyone else. i dont know how im going to live without them &&how they're gonna live without me :[. i get super emotional everytime i think about leaving. im gonna do my best to spend tons of special time with them this summer.
  • parrrtayyy;;i havent been to a good party in ages. as my friend ryan says, i need to shake sumn asap! so every house party, girls nights out at the club...shit anything, im in theaaa! plus, i feel the need to get completely wasted one good time before i go :P.
That's all I can think of for now. As more come to my mind, I'll post them. &&Also, my friend Netta inspired me to do this;; I'm gonna do one for college too eventually.

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