Its funny how my heart works. Like I'll be completely over something, or atleast I think I am. Then out of nowhere, something triggers a memory of the past, and all those emotions that I thought were gone come flooding back strong as ever. I'm a mess. I just wanna go back and fix whatever it was I did wrong. Id give anything for that chance.

Fuck my life.

So something must be wrong with me, because this always happens. I ask, but I never get a legit answer. But apparently I'm just not a good companion. I'm gonna be single forever....or for a very long time, lol. But really, I'm miserable.

Fuck love.

...except not really.


  1. Anonymous20.6.10

    I'm 22 and have never felt like this. This is so deep! You have your whole life ahead of you and plenty of opportunities to fall in love! I say enjoy being single.

  2. Anonymous20.6.10

    wow thats exactly how i've been feeling recently. i know it sucks. when ur mind starts to bring back the good memories of u and the one u love. its a killer but u miss how life used to be how happy u used to be when he was in ur world and loved u. girl i know ur pain and i've been working on gettiing over it but its super hard.best advice is make a list of ALL the things u hated/disliked/was annoyed by this person and look at it everytime u feel weak.then u should make a list about EVERYTHING that is great/amazing about urself; make one for outer qualities and make one for inner qualities. when u feel sorry for urself look at that list and it'll help u get over the slump ur in.also dont listen to sappy love songs, it only makes the memories come back. instead listen to empowering "get over u" kinda songs. my little playist that makes me feel a lil better about my situation is. u should check em out if u want.

    nothing last forever-maroon 5
    Right Now-Cee-Lo Green and jack splash
    go on girl-ne-yo
    I’m over it-Katharine McPhee
    take a bow-madonna
    if she breaks your heart-the foreign exchange

    i hope you are able to move on quick.cuz those fine Howard boys will not want any girl with some emotional baggage.so have a fun summer, try to get over him, enjoy being single for now because i bet once u get to howard u'll meet some amazing ppl especially some cute, single guys.;D

  3. Anonymous20.6.10

    I agree with Alee! You know what you gotta do? You gotta "just keep swimming, just keep swimming...!" ;]

  4. What the first person said is legit: You've got your whole life ahead of you to fall in love.

    I, personally, don't think there's anything wrong with you, Sandi dear. Then, again, that may or may not count for anything... :/

    You won't be single forever; I can almost guarantee that. You're such a beautiful, intelligent, talented, sweet, kind, and caring young lady... Any man would be lucky to have you. That's exactly what you need though... A man... and not a boy. Remember that.

  5. I agree with what chyea bella said..
    listen to those songs and get your confidence back up,
    you should NEVER let any guy get you down && make you feel like your worthless or single because you're "not good enough"
    It's their loss && eventually you will find somebody who suits you best.
    Don't give up just yeT!
    Love you Sandi!!


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