crossed fingers...

I finally went up to hooters and applied. Not to be pessimistic, but Im not necessarily counting on being hired :[ I mean of course I have the personality and people skills and body for the job, lol, but my looks arent necessarily "all american". Haha, I have a faux hawk, 9 piercings in my ears, and a tat on my back. They manager who I spoke to seemed to like me, but he also mentioned that alot of other girls had recently applied. Not only that, but I have no prior job experience AND I dont have an abc card [the certification to serve alcohol or whatever]. But hopefully in the short time that we spoke, my personality shined through enough to convince him to hire me! If not, I'll go to my second choice which is applebees. Sighhhh. I must be cursed or something because it should NOT be this hard to get a job. Yall pray for me :P


  1. "I mean, of course I have the personality and the people skills and the body for the job..." Lol.

  2. Your job situation is similar to mine. I have absoulutely NO experience. I have applied for a thousand jobs and when I go in for the interview they ask me do I have experience and I'm like "No" didn't you look at my application but I am a fast learner. BTW come check out my new blog I have 2 giveaways. www.heartsdesire08.blogspot.com


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