find a new hobby...check.

So if you havent noticed, Ive finally put a to-do list for summer 1o up on one of my sidebars --->>>. One of the things I want to do is find a new hobby. Another is to make a scrapbook. Lets just say I'm about to kill two birds with one stone! Im going to make scrapbooking my new hobby. Now Ive tried to discover new hobbies for myself before- knitting, making jewelery, latch hook, etc- but I honestly think that this is the one for me. Ever since I was I child, I took tons of pride in putting together bomb-ass posters for school projects &&Ive always been a cut and paste type of girl. Sometimes for fun when Im bored Ill just make a random collage from magazine clippings. For those reasons, I think this will be perfect for me to do. Plus itll keep me super busy for those long boring summer days and nights that are sure to roll around every now and then. I think Im going to make two, one for fam and one for friends. Right now Im about to start working on the friend album. Ive gotta go up to walgreens to develop my pictures first. Im gonna fit as many into the scrapbook as possible and put the rest in a regular photo album.

Im so excited about this! Its really important for me to be able to have something physical like this for me to take up to college...something that will bring back instant memories. Im gonna start tonight as a matter of fact :] Ill keep yall updated on its progress as I go along!


  1. haa! these little list help. and i love scrapbooking.. although i only have two.

  2. I started a scrapbook for my boyfriend and me. :]


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