letter to dreams. letter to stranger.

I dont have many dreams, and when I do they make no sense. So I please start sending me some signs or something? Maybe I could actually get something out of you if you came to me more clearly! Geeze.


I saw on tumblr the other day where someone was talking about how they find it so odd that somewhere out there is a stranger that will probably one day become your husband or wife...you just havent met them yet. The two of you are both doing your own thing, not even aware of each other's existance, until that one fateful day when you finally meet. I thought about this and was kind of amazed, because it's true! Then again, maybe Ive already met my future spouse...who knows?! But lets say I havent...what would I say to this stranger. Well, I hope that the day that we actually meet, you will instantly love me as much as I'll probably instantly love you :P. Hah. I look forward to getting to know you and I hope that we can develop a strong, loving, healthy relationship together.

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