odd ball :P

Things that I think make me different, wierd, unique, etc. lol... ;;

  • I talk to myself all the time.
  • I feel like I deserve my own tv show.
  • I become obsessed with things wayyy to easily.
  • When I hate, I hate hard.
  • But when I love you, you have it forever. Except crybaby.
  • I want a pitbull.
  • I have an odd fascination with pregnant women.
  • A dude could look like a straight up troll, but if he's tatted up and got mad swag, I'll be attracted to him.
  • I enjoy pain.
  • If chronic smoking didnt kill people, Id probably be a chronic smoker.
  • Same deal with alcohol.
  • I gots midget toes.
  • If there was an easy way to just get pregnant right out of highschool but still attend college at the same time and not have to ever drop out, I would.
  • I think I have the perfect back and butt to be a vicky secret underwear model.


  1. So the 5th and 8th bullets made me "lol" for real. :]]

  2. Lol. 5 made me giggle too.

  3. "I think I have the perfect back and butt to be a Vicky Secret model." That was cute. The rest of them are, too.


I love hearing what you have to say! :D