pet peeves #8

Black people;; Yeah, I said it! Now let me clarify what I mean by black people. I mean ignorant black people who act in the ways in which...white people...sterotype us to act. Let me put it out there that I'm in no way racist, lmao. Okay, back to what I was saying. Here is a prime example veryyy relevant to my life-movies in the park. So I told yall about movies in the park and what its all about, how people from all over come to chill and whatnot. Last wednesday was the first official mitp, even though it 'officially' got rained out. So basically all it was was a wholeee buncha teenagers chilling by the parthenon and in the fields. Let me shorten this story....my friends and I had all went to mickey dee's. On the way back toward the parthenon, we suddenly hear screaming and witness a huge group of people running away from the parthenon frantically. First thought, somebody about to shoot. We hesitate because obviously we dont wanna run into a shooting. After about 10 seconds of no gunfire we figure its safe and start running toward the commotion. Turns out a rap battle most likely held by some children [by children I mean people still in highschool] had turned too personal I guess and the dudes started fighting. Let me tellll you, the police came out the woodwork too quick and evacuated us from the scene of the fight...so we chilled in the field the remainder of the night, the police watching our every move, until they put us out around 10 that night. Heres my point...WHY CANT BLACK PEOPLE ACT RIGHT?! Must a fight break out everytime a large group of our kind get together?! Here we are in the public eye, technically we arent supposed to be in the park because mitp was cancelled and the park closes at dark unless a special event is being held, so the fact that were allowed to chill there is a PRIVILEGE. A privilage that now has been clearly taken advantage of already. That was only the first freaking mitp! Gahhhdamn! So because you got just a little bit offended yall wanna start fightin and shit, potentially messing up our chances of even being allowed in the park after dark ever again. Fighting has always been ignorant to me, unless a good ass legit cause is behind it. Otherwise...what the fuck, just drop the shit or take it somewhere else. I would not be surprised if tomorrow when we go to the park, they have the parthenon/field area blocked off or patrolled by officers who tell us that if we aint actually watching the movie, we gotta leave. Then everybody gone be mad and shit, cause aint nothin else free to do in nashville, but WHOSE FAULT IS IT THAT WE WOULDNT BE ABLE TO CHILL THERE NO MORE? Exactly. So if youre friends with one of these ratchet ass black people who just out always looking for trouble, sit they asses down and tell them to chill out, please? Or just stay they asses at home. Not even just for mitp, Im talking about for social events in general. Lets all just take a breather. Summertime heat really brings the crazy outta people, Ive noticed. Geeeeeze.


  1. Daaamn. I always hated when people would get into fights over stupid shit... like a rap battle? Really?

  2. everybody takes themselves too serious, i swear. When keeping real goes wrong.

  3. Black people (ignorant black people) do not know how to act.


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