pet peeves#9.

People who criticize my driving;; It just irks me to the max. I never say anything, but I be wanting to smack some mothalovas in the face. Just sit back and shut the fuck up. Seriously. Okay, yeah sometimes I might brake a little to hard or run an ocassional red light or swerve a little bit, but as long as I dont hit anything or anybody in the end, or get pulled over there is no need to freak out. Are you hurt? No. Okay then, shut up. Haha. No one is a perfect driver, we all do that shit! &&I admit I sometimes might say something but usually I stop myself because I know how much I hate it.  My mama is the worst at it, but Ive gone off a few times on her so she knows to just be quiet. But everyone else still dont get it. I just gotta bite my tongue I guess, I dont wanna be bitchy :P



    but you may know why im laughing so damn hard.

  2. I get onto my boyfriend about his driving all the time, lol. I guess it's cause I don't know how to tolerate the stupid, forgetful things he tends to do.

  3. I know why you're laughing so hard. I was gonna write the same comment.

  4. hahahahaa i totally agree.


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